Digital Futures – Open Data lunchtime talks at SLQ

ODI Queensland is delighted to partner with State Library of Queensland in presenting this short series of lunchtime talks as part of SLQ’s 2017 Digital Futures series.

SLQ will be hosting introductory open data lunchtime talks on:

  • 9 March 2017 from 12-1pm


  • 4 May 2017 from 12-1pm


  • 20 July 2017 from 12-1pm


  • 5 October 2017 from 12-1pm


Are you new to open data and wonder what it can do for you?  Come along to these introductory lunchtime talks, find out what open data is and how to unlock its value for yourself or your business.

Open data is data that anyone can access, use and share. Governments, businesses and individuals can use open data to bring about social, economic and environmental benefits.

During the first talk we will cover:

  • What is data?
  • What is open data?
  • What makes data open?
  • Why do we need open data?
  • How can we use open data to create new value?

The second talk will expand further in areas such as:

  • where to find open data
  • the basics about open licensing
  • accessing freely available tools to help you use open data

The third talk will cover:

  • easy steps to follow to tell a story with data
  • gathering data, where to find it and access it
  • basics on organising your data
  • basics on cleaning data
The fourth talk will cover:
  • your most-asked questions about data
  • topics you’ve asked us to discuss during the first three talks


The discussions with also touch on:

  • Innovation and growth in businesses
  • Opportunities for individuals and businesses
  • Impact on society and public policy
  • Benefits for culture and the environment.
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