ODI Australian Network in the news!

On 5 July 2017 The Guardian published an article by Ellen Broad, ODI Registered Trainer, on how trust is central to government dealings with data and improvements needed to implement an inclusive, informed digital healthcare system in Australia. Read all about it here: Medicare breach: it just got a whole lot harder to trust government […]

Open Data Pathway: introducing country-level statistics

Over 290 organisations use the Open Data Pathway to benchmark their open data practice and develop plans to improve. Stephen Gates shares how its new feature allows new analysis around how well organisations and countries do, internationally By Stephen Gates ODI Queensland is an ODI Pioneer Node in Australia. We provide an Open Data Maturity […]

Join Australia’s first Open Government Forum

Would you like to be one of the eight individuals driving Australia’s Open Government National Action Plan? Nominations are now open.  Respond by Thursday, 22 June for a chance to be part of the Open Government Forum, which will: monitor and drive implementation of Australia’s first Open Government National Action Plan help develop the next Open Government […]


Special update from the Chair, Linda O’Brien

Happy New Year to everyone in our growing open data community.  2017 promises to be an outstanding year of open innovation in Queensland and indeed across Australia, with heightened awareness of the value of data to drive innovation, productivity and value ( see for example the Productivity Commission’s Draft Report on Data Availability and Use). […]

London is changing

Making ‘smart’ cities work for everyone

Last week Ellen Broad gave a lunchtime lecture at the Open Data Institute Queensland (ODIQ) on making smart cities work for everyone. Below is a summary of Ellen’s comments. You’ll find the slides here. When Maree (CEO of ODIQ) asked me to send through a summary for this lunchtime lecture, it was the day after […]

Ask ODI Queensland

Ask ODI Queensland – a forum to discuss open data

Today we’re launching Ask ODI Queensland, an online forum for anyone to ask anything about open data. The forum is arranged into categories: Small talk – where you can introduce yourself and make connections with community members Ask anything – start a discussion here if it doesn’t fit neatly anywhere else Data – ask questions […]


Super-charging Open Data & Innovation in Queensland

Open Data Institute secures partnership with Qld Government The Open Data Institute Queensland (ODI Qld) has secured a two-year, $400,000 funding partnership with the Queensland Government, announced today by Minister for Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy Leeanne Enoch. In less than two years of operation, the non-profit node of the ODI global network has […]

New features on Queensland’s open data portal

Users of open data, your feedback has been heard!  The Queensland Government’s open data portal has been enhanced with handy new features.  We thought we’d explain the new features, so you can make the most of them. Optional user registration – Open data users are now able to register on the portal. This allows users to “follow” […]

National recognition for ODI Queensland

Linda O’Brien. Despite it being holiday season no one could have missed the launch of Australia’s National Innovation and Science Agenda in December. What you may have missed, however, are the supporting documents which have been developed over many months, documents which clearly articulate the value of public sector data as a critical element of the innovation […]

Knowledge for Everyone

The need for external perspective on open data

John Galvin. At first glance the publication of government-owned data is relatively straightforward; identify some ‘valuable’ datasets, ensure there are no security or privacy issues, obtain the appropriate approvals and publish on the open data portal. Unfortunately this simple process masks a number of issues; from the identification of datasets – especially when large, corporate […]

Knowledge for Everyone

Digital footprints, consumer choice and innovation

Linda O’Brien. Increasingly I am aware that as I work, shop, bank, socialize, drive, travel, collaborate and communicate I am leaving digital footprints. My guess is that if you could triangulate all this data you’d know an awful lot about me. And increasingly I am aware of the ways in which this information is being […]