About ODI Queensland

ODI Queensland is one of two Pioneer Nodes in the Open Data Institute (ODI) Global Network.

ODI Nodes connect, equip and inspire people around the world to innovate with data, led by local experts.  Pioneer Nodes are the ambassadors of the ODI Global Network, responsible for adopting the highest standards of the ODI.

Established in December 2014, ODI Queensland’s mission is to catalyse open data for the benefit of everyone. We want ODI in Australia to be an effective, self-sustaining organisation, valued and trusted by its stakeholders across government, industry, academia and research, and the community. We strive to strengthen the global ODI network, and leverage the network to create value in Australia.

ODI Queensland is passionate about the transformative potential of open data. We believe in the power of open, we believe in the power of cross-sectoral collaboration, and we believe in challenging boundaries to create value.

Right from the start, it was our mission to create a place where people are imaginative, innovative, collaborative and committed. We want ODI Queensland to be vibrant, inclusive and fun to be a part of.

ODI Queensland is unique in the global ODI network, having been formed and funded by a strong collaboration between private industry, academia, research and the community – which demonstrates their genuine commitment to the open data movement. It is critical for us to develop a sustainable financial model in order to deliver genuine, lasting impact.

How is ODI Queensland funded?

ODI Queensland is an independent not-for-profit organisation funded entirely by sponsors and supporters across private and public sector, industry, research and academia who believe in the power of open data to drive economic, social and environmental prosperity.

Income is currently derived through sponsorship, contributions in kind, grants, training and education services and other consultancy services.

Is ODI Queensland a public body?

The Open Data Institute Queensland is a public company established as a not-for-profit organisation, limited by guarantee, dedicated to promoting open data.

  • Australian Business Number (ABN): 41 169 722 954
  • Australian Company Number (ACN): 169 722 954
  • QAssure: 14001
  • GITC: Q-6104
  • Registered office: Glentworth Consulting, Level 10, 10 Felix Street, Brisbane Queensland 4000.

How is ODI Queensland governed?

ODI Queensland operates with Board of Directors, representatives from our Foundation Sponsors, to oversee the Institute’s activities and strategy.

An Executive Team, led by the Chief Executive Officer, is responsible for the Institute’s day to day activities and reports to the main Board on a regular basis.

From time to time Advisory Boards will form from the ODI Queensland community to offer advice and support to Board, and directly influence the direction of the Institute.

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