Now is a GREAT time to start building your data skills and capability. We are proud to introduce our most comprehensive range of world class data and open data learning opportunities.

Our 2017 program features specialised training content developed by the Open Data Institute and delivered by internationally certified trainers. We are also pleased to partner with the Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation, QUT and State Library Queensland to help deliver a brand new series of learning opportunities in Brisbane.

Our practical courses bring together everyone’s experiences to ensure you leave knowing how to put your training into practice.

Classroom learning

Our expert trainers provide classroom learning across a wide range of data and open data topics in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.

We wish to thank and acknowledge our Foundation Sponsors Microsoft, Telstra, and Data61 whom have generously opened their doors to host our training courses outside Brisbane.

Open Data in a Day
Practical Data Management
Open Data for Smart Cities
Practical Leadership in Open Data
Working with Data: 101
Working with Data:
using Tableau Public
Analysing and Visualising geospatial data
Advanced Social Media Analytics

Online learning

Finding stories in data is an 11 part series on creating impact through the effective analysis and presentation of data.
Learn about open data through this 13 part series of online courses.
Learning open data is a series of online training courses created by the Open Data Institute licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International.

Learn on the go

Download the ODI Learning Lite app for iOS or Android and take the 13 open data courses with you anywhere. All course content, except videos, is available offline. Track your progress, earning badges as you progress.