Our Projects

We connect business, academia, research, government and the community to deliver value through the use of open data.

Current Projects

ODI Queensland is running or contributing to these projects.
Open Data Certificates

Open Data Certificates are the mark of quality and trust for open data. We're localising them for Australia.

Open and Agile Smart Cities

ODI Queensland and the Queensland University of Technology are helping to connect Queensland's Smart Cities.

Open Data Induction Training Video

We're making it easy to help your staff understand how open data aligns with your organisation's strategy.


The ODI is developing an open data board game called Datopolis. We're looking for game testers. Want to play? If you're keen, let's make an Australian version of the game components.

Small Business success with open data

How can closed, shared and open data solve small business challenges?

Want to help?

We'd love you to be part of our team. Let's us know how you'd like to contribute.


Completed Projects

2016 Achievements

Read about our achievements in our 2016 Annual Report

Our Data as Art exhibition

We celebrated our first birthday with an art exhibition.

Need a place to publish your data?

Use our Open Data Finder

2015 Achievements

Read about our achievements in our first Annual Report

Open Data Bill consultation

Our response to the Queensland Government's public consultation.