Open Data Stories

We are firm believers in the power of sharing stories through demonstrated case studies and examples.

Queensland stories

Here are some Queensland examples of applications using open data:

  • Open Aus – open data use cases, including registered charities by location, government tenders awarded by postcode, and the federal budget.
  • Brisbane Community Directory which provides up-to-date information for community organisations who provide services to the Brisbane community.
  • WikiCamps Australia which is an interactive travel app available for download in various formats.
  • WikiQueensland which is not yet commercially available, but was the winner of the 2014 Premier’s Open Data Competition in Queensland. WikiQueensland provides a comprehensive view of all publicly accessible Queensland Government data and uses a ranking mechanism to demonstrate the quality of life in Queensland. Users can search and visualise the ranking scores in four categories: safety, healthcare, education and living standards. In addition, data from social networks like Twitter is gathered to analyse local sentiment about current issues, such as budget and traffic conditions.

Open Data visualisations are a quick and easy way to interact with data and extract new meaning and insight.  Here are some examples of data visualisations created by local #dataartists:

  • Get to know your electorate – by the Policy Innovation Hub at Griffith University.  Using Tableau Public, the team has created a number of informative dashboards using open data from the Australian Beaurau of Statistics which shows a breakdown of population, income, housing, and education – by electorate throughout Queensland.  Choose an electorate of interest, and then slide along the tabs at the top for greater granularity.

Australian stories

Read more success stories from across Australia:

International stories

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Events are often organised to work with open data. Here are a few you may be interested in exploring to create your own success story: