Here’s a collection of tools that can help you work with data.

Tableau PublicTableau Meetup Group
Story MapsEsri Visualisations
View Data (beta)MacroGIShttp://www.viewdata.ioMapping
CSVLint (beta)Open Data Institute http://csvlint.ioValidate Tabular Data
GoodTablesOpen Knowledge http://goodtables.okfnlabs.orgValidate Tabular Data
DataPackagist (alpha)Open Knowledge http://datapackagist.okfnlabs.orgSchema Creation
SwaggerCommunity Supportedhttp://swagger.ioAPI Documentation
Open RefineCommunity Supportedhttp://openrefine.orgData Wrangling
CKANCommunity Supportedhttp://ckan.orgData Portal
Open DataSocratahttps://www.socrata.comData Portal
OpenDataSoftPeclet Portal
ArcGIS Open DataEsri Portal
CSV MetaData Editor Vienna University Creation
Google Public Data ExplorerGoogle

You can find even more tools on this list from the ODI.

Found another data tool?

Let us know and we’ll add it to the list.