Open Data Certificates


The mark of quality and trust for open data

Earn an Open Data Certificate for your data so it can be used with confidence.
You can earn an Open Data Certificate by using our free online tool to answer questions about your data. We can automatically certify all your data if you publish data using the CKAN platform.

Take your open data to the next level

Each certificate comes with a badge. There are four badge levels, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, each level providing increased confidence that your data is dependable and published following best practices. We provide a free report on what you need to take your open data to the next level.

Wear your badge with pride

Earning an Open Data Certificate, at any level, is a great achievement. Display badges in your website or portal and show the world your data can be used with confidence.

Who’s using open data certificates?

Over 150,000 certificates have been earned across 16 countries. We’re just getting starting in Australia. Discover which leading Australian open data publishers are earning Open Data Certificates.

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Need Help?

We’ve created online help for the legal section of the Australian version of Open Data Certificates. It includes the questions you’ll be asked, the multiple-choice answers, and links to related resources.

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